Saudi, Riyadh, Faisal Tower.

Tecspro is a reliable provider of cutting-edge technologies and one of the leading companies in Saudi Arabia and Middle East. We’re specialized in delivering business Solutions and Software Professional Services, and based on collective years of experience in implementing ERP solutions to deliver a fully integrated systems, collaborative best-in-class technology solutions and ensuring secure and efficient business implementation in Digital Transformation and Consultancy, Tecspro helps and enables the organizations to control and improve business processes, leading to more efficiency in all aspects of the business growth.

Tecspro is established in Saudi Arabia with main headquarter in Riyadh, and branch in Cairo, in addition to expanding plan to cover the Gulf, Middle East and Africa regions, Tecspro has been equipped by the carefully selected team of experts, senior consultants and technical gurus with a wealth of business knowledge, industry experience, and deeply applications navigation.
Tecspro has penetrated the market in various industry scales; Small and Medium (SMEs) or enterprise organizations, whether in the Gulf, Middle East or Africa. Tecspro guaranteed to accommodate the business needs of enterprises at any scale.

Tecspro certified resources provide the state-of-the-art solutions and a wide range of business professional services of:
Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Intelligence (BI), Business Performance Management, Business Process Management, Project Management Solutions, Integration Solutions, Business & Technical Application Architecture, Technical & Development and Outsourcing Services.

Tecspro goes beyond the market competitors and provides a larger solution portfolio, tackling the precise business requirements of customers and enabling flawless and automated operations. “





“The future that is now”

Tecspro has an ultimate goal to provide a new era of completed digital transformation solutions depends on cutting-edge technologies to the business community in the Gulf, Middles East and Africa regions to help organizations to grow their business.
Our primary geographic focus is the Gulf Region and the Middle East. Tecspro delivers comprehensive, integrated, and sustainable business solutions enabling the digital transformation of the various scales of the organizations to control and extend their businesses.
“We take pride in delivering on our promise to leave an impactful contribution to the organizations of those we work with and are committed to replicating the success stories exhibited in Gulf and the Middle East. We are humbled by the trust instilled in our company to be a part of your digital future, the future that is now.” Gamal Atta CEO


To be the premier provider of fully digital transformation and business solutions in the Gulf, Middle East, and Africa.


To be committed to provide the superior quality, excellent services, and state-of-the-art technology solutions to enable organizations to grow their business.